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The Ultimate Austria Travel Guide

If you are planning to visit Austria, here are some helpful things to know before you go.

Language - German

Capital- Vienna

Money (Currency)- Euro

You will need your passport. Citizens of most countries don't need a visa. Here is a helpful list.

Travel Seasons
Austria is crowded from July to Ausgust. It's ski season November to April, and the best weather is from April to October.

What To Wear
Think classy... Pack a shawl for the colder months, and shorts aren't worn in the city.

Good Manners
Tip your waiter, taxi driver, bartender, porter and tour guide. Greet with eye contact, a handshake and hello. Don't show too much romantic affection in public and always be on time.

Accommodation can be quite expensive, but you will find great and more affordable options in the countryside.

Train, bus and taxi.

Foods To Try
Cheese Dumplings, Sacher Torte, Potato Salad and Austrian Coffee.

Where To Go



Things To Do
Hiking, Skiing, Shopping, Sightseeing, Alpine Coaster Ride and Cycling.

Interesting Sights
Salt Mines
Schonbrunn Palace
Vienna Woods