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6 Amazing Things To Do In Spain

Here are some interesting and amazing things to experience in Spain.

1. Views of Ronda
Ronda is a mountain top city set above a deep gorge. The city is surrounded by beautiful river valleys, and has breathtaking views.

2. Eat Free Tapas
Tapas are a variety of snacks, apetizers, small plates or canapes originating in Spain. And there are many bars that serve free tapas.

3. Costa De Sol
Costa De Sol is a region in Spain with many beautiful coastal towns and beach bars.

4. Mercado De San Miguel
This is a covered market in Madrid. Mercado De San Miguel is one of the city's most beautiful and oldest markets.

5. El Rasto Market
This is the most popular and largest open air flea market in the city of Madrid. It is held every public holiday of the year, and also every Sunday.

6. Madrid Rio Riverside Walk
With beautiful bridges, walking and bike trails, play and sports areas, ponds and fountains, Madrid Rio is and extensive waterside park where you can find many things to do, or take a riverside stroll.