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21 Italian Travel Phrases You Need To Know

Adding these phrases to your vocabulary will surely help you out on your Italian dream vacation.


  1. Hello - Salve/Ciao (saal-veh/chow)
  2. Goodbye- Arrivederci (ah-ree-vah-dair-chee)
  3. How are you?- Come sta? (koh-meh stah)
  4. Good day- Buon Giorno (bwohn jor-noh)
  5. Good evening- Buona Sera (bwoh-nah sair-rah)
  6. Good Night- Buona Notte (bwoh-nah noht- teh)


  1. Please- Per Favore (pair fah-voh-reh)
  2. Thank you- Grazie (grah-tzee-yeh)
  3. Yes- Si (see)
  4. No- No (noh)
  5. You are welcome- Prego (preh- goh)
  6. Excuse me (to get attention)- Scuzi (skoo-zee)
  7. Excuse me (to get past someone)- Permesso (pair-meh-soh)
  8. I am sorry- Mi Dispiace (mee dees-pee-yah-che)
  9. I don't understand- Non Capisco (non kah-pee-skoh)


  1. Do you speak English?- Parla Inglese? (parh-la een-glay-zeh)
  2. When does it open?- Quando Si Apre? (kwan-doh see ah-preh)
  3. When Does it close? Quando Si Chiude? (kwan-doh see key-you-day)
  4. How much is it?- Quanto Costa? (kwan-toh koh-stah)
  5. Where is...?- Dov'e...? (dohv-eh)
  6. Where are...?- Dove Sono...? (doh-veh soh-noh)