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10 Best Tips For Visiting Paris

Here are some handy tips for getting around Paris when you visit...

1. Learn French phrases for getting around and dining out. Paris will be more fun when you can communicate even just a bit in your Frenchy accent!

2. A Paris Pass is a sightseeing package which gives you access to multiple attractions (free or reduced entry). Buying this package will also give you fast track entry to top Paris attractions and museums.

3. It is not wise to carry a lot of money around with you. But having 25-50 Euros in your purse or wallet may come in handy when you want to purchase something at a location that requires cash.

4. Pack appropriate and comfortable footwear if you plan to do some biking or a walking tour.

5. Take advantage of the free walking tours. And remember to tip your tour guides.

6. If you are traveling on a budget or just simply want to save on accommodation, forgo hotel hunting and rent a charming Parisian apartment.

7. Book tickets for attractions ahead of time to cut down on your waiting time in lines.

8. A carnet is a package of 10 metro tickets sold at a discounted price. This will save you some money if you are traveling through Paris.

9. To get the best view of Paris with the Eiffel Tower, go to the top of the Notre Dame or another similar location with a good view.

10. Want to tour Paris without walking? You can see Paris by taking a cruise along the Seine.

Bon Voyage!